L7 is a perfect solution when working in harsh and demanding environment. Extremely robust and resistant, well suited for fast and safe boating.


















Standard outfitting includes side console, gunnel storage compartments, wide bow door that facilitate loading, multiple railings for solid and secure cargo attachment.

Boat features strong rubber mouldings on sides (D-fenders) and can be also equipped with additional reinforcements: in bow area and also waterline ice protection reinforcements. It can also be outfitted custom made protection box for the outboard engine or water jet, and any other equipment you need in your industry.
L7 comes both in version with inboard and outboard engine, as well as 2,95m width as LC 703.


Length6.95 m
Width2.55 m
Bow door width1800 mm
Light craft mass*1800 kg
Maximum load1800 kg
Side\Bottom plates5 mm
Maximum engine(s) power300 HP
Maximum number of persons8
Design categoryCE-C

* Light craft mass is given without an outboard engine.