L853 is a reliable boat that can operate in all kinds of weather conditions, providing the passengers with save and comfortable transport.


















Outfitted with a cabin with indoor seating for 7 passengers and outdoor seating for 5 more, and wide bow door that make it easy to board the taxi.

Cabin sound insulation that dampens engine sounds assures that all pessengers can enjoy comfortable and quiet cruise.

L853 is a passenger-focused boat, therefore ready to be outfitted with many facilities like wheelchaair accessibility, audio and video systems, toilet, mini bar, heating and air conditioning to make the time you spend on the boat most pleasureable and comfortable leaving you only with pleasure of sightseeing.


Length8.5 m
Width2.99 m
Bow door width2000-2200 mm
Light craft mass*2770 kg
Maximum load2400 kg
Side/Bottom plates5 mm
Maximum inboard engine power500 HP
Maximum outboard engine(s) power2x300 HP
Maximum number of persons12
Design categoryCE-C

* Light craft mass is given without an outboard engine.